I got a blog? Yay!

Wooot! o.O
I am here! Well, Nice. Hmm, now what to write about?
Ah well. I think I will use this blog mainly as a place to flush my head.
So look on it as my very own, personal brain toilet.
Not too flattering, but hey! Ever looked in the sewers?

No? Didn’t think so. You’d be amazed to know how much you can find down there.
Guess it’s kind of the same thing with this Blog =0P

I have stayed up all night tonight. Why? Well, first of all I’ve been busy talking
to a very nice guy all night, then… Well I think there is a ghost in my house!
Been making noises all night making it impossible for me to sleep even if I wanted to.
And the odd thing is that every time I tried to get to the source of the sound to find
out what the heck it was all about, the sounds just… stopped!

Oh well… I am still alive, and nothing got broken, but still…
Kind of annoys me.

This is kind of a good day, thinks feel quite good even though I am rather tired.
As I said before I haven’t slept yet, so… Well.. I sleep better on the day anyway.
Am I a vampire?
Naahh.. I like Garlic.


~ by Methras on 24 March 2006.

2 Responses to “I got a blog? Yay!”

  1. mmmm. garlic bread.
    it’s tuonela, just being nosy. ❤

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