This day started off good, with nice company and someone to talk too, and it gets even better!
A friend id coming over for “beauty night” and then sleeps here tonight.
I love having people for sleep-overs, mainly ’cause I enjoy the feeling of another persons energy
close to my own. Doesn’t even have to be cuddle involved, just hearing the breathing of another
person next to me calms me and makes me sleep better.

Then tomorrow we’re having another photo-shoot =0)
Who knows, maybe some of the pictures will appear on DeviantArt, depending on the result…
I should be dead tired by now, but I’m not… Haven’t slept for… 30 something hours now!
Wierd. But well, as long as I’m in this mood I can stay awake forever!

My feelings are still on a carousel in my head, sometimes making me so sick I feel like throwing up,
but I haven’t. And I am NOT going to take one of those blasted pills. I am staying away.
Except for my economical problems, things are working out quite good…
Let’s hope it lasts!


~ by Methras on 24 March 2006.

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