I get so freaking angry!

After reading an article in a Norwegian newspaper ( http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=142077 )
where the bishop tells homosexuals to go to a shrink to “convert” and become straight.
Yeah, right! As if that is going to help…

Can’t they just fucking realize it’s NOT a mental illness to fall in love with boys?
Do I come up there and ask them to go to a shrink because they believe in some
god sitting up there watching over the world, even though there is no proof he exist?
Do I walk up to him and tell him how to live his life, who to be with and so on?
Do I tell them that they are crazy for speaking to someone they never has seen,
meeting once a week to sing songs for him/her/it?

Answer: No.
So why can’t they just let us live our lives the way we want to live it?
If I fall in love with a guy, that is love. Love is good, right?
Assuming being gay makes me feel happy, why should I go to a doctor to fix it?
That’s like trying to mend something that isn’t broken!

I really just want to scream. Find out where he live and go there, complain on everything he do.
Follow him around for a week complaining about every choice he makes.
“You take the car to the store even though it takes you 10 minutes to walk? Think how much you destroy god’s creation! We homosexuals don’t destroy anything by loving one of our own gender.”
“Are you really going to eat that? Think of all the fat? You are destroying your own health! We homosexuals don’t ruin our health by loving one of our own gender.”

That ought to annoy him just as much as he has annoyed me.


~ by Methras on 25 March 2006.

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