It was wonderful to be social again, and lovely to sleep next to someone! Even though he watched a DVD while I slept, and fell asleep during it, so the extremely annoying intro to Electra was on the entire night… So I didn’t sleep all to well. But I can survive that!

Today we took pictures, and I am so freaking proud I don’t even know where to start! Not only because the pictures turned out good, but because I didn’t have to edit them at all in photoshop! I guess I’ll have to explain why this makes me so proud. My friend got a problem with Acne, so he is quite red and his skin is really not very good in his face right now. So I used make-up to make him look better and it turned out SO good! So not only did I take great pictures, I was an excellent make-up artist!

I will put them on DeviantArt soon, just got to make some last changes in the borders and so on. Just realized today how much I’ve missed taking pictures. When I take a good one I become so proud and pleased with myself! His mother takes pictures for a newspaper, and she praised me a lot for some of the pictures. It felt real good!

Soo… Now I’m gonna play, wait for my sister to come online so I can show it to her and… Well…


~ by Methras on 25 March 2006.

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