The world is a maze!

Sometimes I wonder what power is controlling the world around me.
They sure must have fun.

Sometimes I keep thinking how fun it would be to become a spirit. Follow one person around, watching his or her life. If you can’t interfere it wouldn’t be just as fun… But have one person you follow, see how it’s life evolve and kind of “help” his life. It would be like “The Sims” only, for real.

It’s strange… I have this empty feeling inside, as if some part of me is missing. Where is it? It was there for a while, now it’s gone again. Where are you hiding? I feel like I have so much to give, long so much to share it… And the more I have to give, the larger does the hole in me become. How can emptiness grow when you got more of something?

The human mind is a mystery.


~ by Methras on 27 March 2006.

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