wierd day

I slept for quite long tonight (or today) and the day just… disappeared. I got a new game yesterday – Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion
Started playing it about 8pm and suddenly it was 3am so I went to bed, but couldn’t sleep for about 3 hours… So I kind of woke up around 5pm… Ah well. shit happens.

I am in a strange mood today, kinda happy and kinda confused. Well, the confusion is nothing odd these days, feel like everything is spinning around… Dizzy! But I am still quite happy, so that’s good.

I had the strangest dreams tonight, really cozy and cuddly.. But strange. I dreamt about a friend in Sweden where I lived before, Kent, and… Well, just say it was a really, really cozy dream. Kind of the perfect night. Too bad it was just a dream.

I long so much for someone to hold around. No, I am not speaking of sex, I am speaking of the feeling of being close to someone. Feel the heat, the energy, of another person close to me.
Just hugging and cuddling, feeling naked skin against mine. It will come, some day, I am sure. I just hope that day will come soon!

I get so pissed off when people can’t understand what the word “no” means. A guy keeps sending me messages on ‘Gaysir’ (A gay community) asking me to meet with him. Sending messages like “175,64,20cm” and “I can fuck you hard!”… GAH! I am not freaking interested! Thats really not my cup of tea. Well, he is on ignore now and will not bother me again.

What else? Hmm… I am proud! I am really good at taking my medication since my sister was here and made me buy a nice kind of purse to have them in (Thank you Kaisa) so I have them
by the computer where is the first place I sit down everyday anyway. If I continue like this I will see for a fact in a week or so if it is me being bad with the medication who makes me swing like a… something.. in mood.

That’s it for now!


~ by Methras on 28 March 2006.

4 Responses to “wierd day”

  1. my boyfriend just forced me to play Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion with him. and it was really nice. i’m not a huge fan of computer games but it can be nice once in a while. and i just LOVED the sorroundings! SO beautiful with the wind in the trees and everything. incredibly well made!
    i hope you’re alright. i am quite good for now 🙂

    • Yeah, I agree fully. Oblivion is perhaps the most beautiful game I’ve ever played.. and I am playing it at LOW graphics!!
      I find myself walking around just watching the nature around me…
      Quite impressive!

  2. sorry for the spamming, gosh! *embarresed*

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