Creature of the night

Haha, if I thought I destroyed yesterday, it was nothing compared to today. Kind of forgot the time yesterday and… suddenly… it was 10am… whoops. So I woke up 8pm and it was dark outside again. Great! Ah well… now I HAVE to stay awake for 24 hours so I turn my bad habit. If I can stay awake until 8pm tomorrow, I can sleep during the night again.

Fat chance!

Oh well, I’ll do my best anyway. Good thing is that I will be alone here. Or… Well… It’s kind of good. This house is creepy when alone, I feel so vulnerable somehow. Just my mind playing tricks on me I guess, but still. And I got some games to play. And books to read. And hopefully someone interesting will come online so I have someone to keep me awake… *pokes Bjørn* I wanna taaaaalk! =0P Perhaps I’ll try to find his phone-number and call… Gah… If I know myself I have lost it. I always do that. =0/

Anyway… Back to gaming for a while!


~ by Methras on 29 March 2006.

2 Responses to “Creature of the night”

  1. =O/
    Åh, beklager at jeg ikke var på nett igår… Jeg var så opptatt forran tven, og sovna ganske tidlig.. Håper inderlig du klarte å underholde deg selv;oP
    *Koz og Klem*

    • Re: =O/
      Blei film for min del… så 3 filmer, så sovna jeg alikevel.
      Fant nummeret ditt, men så att det var ganske sent, så jeg dreit i å ringe men sendte sms istede. Når du ikke svarte antok jeg att du hade sovna ;0)

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