“The greatest thing
you’ll ever learn
is to love
and be loved
in return.”

If it only was that simple.
The quote was from one of my all time favourite movies, if you don’t know what move it is – shame on you.
You better do some research and find out.

I have the house to my self now. Only me, my two rats and the invisible woman is here. She has been quiet for the last few days, maybe she listened to me last time. Let’s hope so.

I am bored out of my mind. I got to do something. The thing is, I got no money. The little money I have left I have to save for the concert… If I only get to Sweden, it’s no problem.. I got swedish money.. Norwegian money is the problem. Ah well… I got food and.. Yeah. I’ll survive.

But seriously… I got to do SOMETHING soon… And I forgot my medication today. *sighs* Oh well, I’ll take it tomorrow. If the weather hadn’t been so crappy I could take a walk… Maybe take some pictures.. Let’s hope for better weather tomorrow!

Sometime you just feel so lonely…
You call and no one answers.
You send messages and no one answers.
Gah. Whatever.
It’s just me.


~ by Methras on 30 March 2006.

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