Ferdinand came over yesterday.
We just sat and listened to music, I took a glass of wine and so on.
Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy something with someone.
Didn’t get much sleep though. It was hotter than hell in my room and
Ferdinand is a kick-boxer in his sleep.

Then I took a new picture I became quite fond of.
I managed to do what I wanted, express what I feel inside in a picture.
Whatever people might say about it, I love it.
That is what matters to me.

Today Robert has managed to talk me into going out.
I’m going to be sober, don’t have anything to drink and no money to buy anything, so…
That isn’t so bad, really. I am used to going out sober.
I just hope I manage to have fun, that I have enough energy to put my shield up.

We’ll see.


~ by Methras on 1 April 2006.

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