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“The words have been drained from this pencil
Sweet words that I want to give you
And I can’t sleep
I need to tell you

Sitting here alone, Nicolai (my little brother) is sleeping. Getting him into bed is an art of it’s own. By some reason he is terrified to be alone, so if I go out to have a cigarette he might be standing in the livingroom screaming because he thinks he has been left alone. Oh well, he is only 5 years old. But still, kind of hard when I am watching a doggie aswell, and she has the smallest bladder I’ve seen in my life… Has to go out to pee like every hour or so. Oh well.

My back is killing me. Really hurting a LOT.. Don’t know what I’ve done… Ah well, it’ll pass. It always does. Just hope it’ll pass until the concert on wednesday, or I will have a hard time. As if I will care. No! I’ll just ignore it, usually works out just fine.

I have a lot of things on my mind these days, so much I want to write down… But somehow I can’t get myself to start anywhere. I can’t seem to get started. Where to start? How can I make it somewhat understandable? I guess I will wait until I get home from Sweden when I can feel more at ease doing it, when I know I can use how much time I want and… So on.

“Bound at every limb by my shackles of fear
Sealed with lies through so many tears
Lost from within, pursuing the end
I fight for the chance to be lied to again”

I miss you.


~ by Methras on 9 April 2006.

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