I am back from Sweden again. The concert was amazing! As suspected, of course. Would have been greatly disappointed if Sonata Arctica didn’t give what they usually do. But yeah, it was amazing. It’s experiences like that which keep me alive! And meeting Bjørn was really really nice as well. He was as I had hoped him to be! I really hope to meet him again soon and get to know him even better!

Today I went to the cinema with Robert. It was really nice as well. We watched Ice Age II and I laughed almost the entire movie! If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, do so! It is well worth it!

Tomorrow I am going to a party… Kind of nervous but I hope it will be okay. I haven’t had any alcohol for a while, so I kinda don’t know how much I dare to drink… Don’t want to become wasted and make a fool out of myself. I was going to be sober, but then.. Naaaahhh… Don’t want to.

I need money. Now. I am thinking about going in to Oslo and walk the streets, hoping someone want to pay for some “fun” or whatever… No, but seriously. Money would be nice. I get money back in june, but that’s too late! Oh well. Whatever.


~ by Methras on 15 April 2006.

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