Okay, I realised I haven’t written here for a long while, but here I am writing again! Much have happened since I wrote last… I went to Trondheim, a city rather far north in Norway, on a conference. I met a lot of really nice persons up there and had a really great time. Felt OH so good to get out of here and do something DIFFERENT! Soo… Yeah. Loved it. Then the strangest thing happened when I get back! A guy started flirting with me. It’s a guy I haven’t met so many times yet, but already from the first time I spoke to him I liked him a lot. Not only because of his good looks, but for what I see in his eyes.

So I took a chance and flirted a little back, and.. Well.. So far everything has gone swell. But at the same time I am so damn scared to be burned again, but I know it is a risk I must take, to have a chance to be happy. Can’t play safe all the time, if you want to win. So here I am, very interested in this boy and I think he likes me too. New situation for me, more to learn. Of course, me liking a person isn’t anything new, but believing they like me too, is. I hope to meet him again soon… Very soon!

I have been forced to stay in bed for 3 days now… A serious cold knocked me down, to say it the least. I felt like I was dying! (Yeah… men when they get sick…) But seriously I was totally out of it. One of the guys I live with said it looked like I had partied for 3 weeks non-stop. Well… 2 days without sleep while being ill may have that effect on you.

This weekend I will go in Drag again for the first time in a looong time. I must practice a little on high heels to recover some balance… it is harder than people may think when you are not used to it, it really is… And I must practice at least ONE number to have in my pocket if someone asks me to do one. And I am still wondering if I shall drink or not.. It’s easier to go in drag a little tipsy, but then high heels and drinking is a BAD combination! I guess I will let the money decide…

Anyway, not I shall get one night of beauty sleep, I kind of need it.
I’ll write more here soon.


~ by Methras on 30 April 2006.

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  1. Woho, this sounds really good 🙂

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