Hey again.
Not the first time I sit down to write without really having anything to write about. Well.. I’m just going to let my fingers do the magic dance of keyboarding and We’ll see what it turns out to be. I’ll sound like a madman, as usual, but hey! Who cares? I’ve been feeling very good lately, happy, although things are quite hard to handle. It must be that new wonderful way of thinking I’m trying to get used to.

Love: Love doesn’t exist. Love is a feeling made to delude you, a chemical explosion in the body. Well, for fucks sake, why can’t another explosion happen at the same time as for me? Anyway, as for this guy I fancied… I’ve given up. clearly he isn’t ready for anything more, so I am moving along quite nicely. Unusual for me to be able to just… move on. But hey! It’s a good thing! More than that it’s a wonderful thing. Sooo… You won’t hear me complaining. Can you be in love with more than one person? I think I’m the master of falling in love with the wrong person. Or I’m maybe just the worst person in the world when it comes to handling emotions.

Gah… Suddenly I don’t feel like writing.
I’ll get back to you!
Take care


~ by Methras on 19 May 2006.

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