Hey there, no one.
I’ve more or less moved back to the small apartment at my fathers house. Feels kind of nice even though I can’t relax there somehow.. I mean, all the time I’m just waiting for my father to burst in the door or shout at me from a window because he is to lazy to knock. And when he DO knock, it sounds as if he is trying to make a hole in the door with his hand.

Anyway. I’ve begun working. At this Norwegian cellphone-operator thing, Telenor. It’s kind of fun, actually, even though it’s really challenging. I have to get up 05.30 every morning! Hell, that’s when I used to GO to bed. But so far so good… Then there is this issue about getting here. I mean, I drive here and if I drive from home 06.15 I arrive here approx. 07.45 but if I leave home 06.00 then I come to work 7 am… Weird thing how traffic can become SO much worse in only 15 minutes!

Sooo… I got some time here before I have to get started. Today will be my first day actually answering phones, so… Wish me luck.

Things are going rather good for me these days, actually. Can’t complain. I’m feeling well, I got some few coins to use and I got a job. Maybe I have done my time of misery for now and can focus on what it’s like to be a “normal” person. Time for new experiences!
Smell ye laterz.


~ by Methras on 8 June 2006.

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