Here I go again

It’s summer, I got a job I’m quite good at, I have my own (well… sort of) apartment and… Yay!
Things are finally going better, I feel better and.. Yeah.

I’ve moved the last of my things from the other place I lived.. It’s quite messy, I haven’t even tried to start unpacking yet. It’s just… SO much stuff. Well… Atleast I know what is on the schedule for this weekend. Things are working out quite nicely between me and my father so far. No big arguments… But then again I haven’t grown tired of him asking me to do everything he is to lazy to do himself. Like yesterday he had had some beers and couldn’t drive to the gas station to rent some movies, so I drove him. Then today I had to go and return them because, guess what, he had had some beers. Well, it only took me 5 minutes, but it is those things that bugs me with living here. Like he think I am his servant because I live here without paying rent. Oh well… It won’t harm me, anyway…

My aunt and my cousin was here today when I got home from work. Kind of a nice surprise since my cousin is moving to Australia for a year soon, so I got to see him before I went. I am kind of lazy myself when it comes to visiting people, but… I always have other things to do. Or some other lame excuse.

Work is going rather well. I have gotten a lot of compliments, they think my voice is “perfect for speaking on the phone” and “very soothing”… Well, thank you, I guess. I think I’ll find it very interesting and challenging at the same time as I know I will be quite good at it. Soooo… Yeah. It’s all good. Even though I want to decapitate one in my group sometimes. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of stupid things he manages to say, and do, in one day… Three times (3!!!) he has “jumped” on someone from behind while they have a cup of coffee in their hands. Every time with the same result, they get hot coffee all over themselves… If it had been one time, I wouldn’t be surprised but three? In one week? Oh well… some people are just annoying, and I have to learn how to live with them. And I will.

Just a little update on how things are going.
Enjoy the sun while it lasts!


~ by Methras on 13 June 2006.

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