I fucking hate sleeping. Well, sleeping is not the really bad part of it, it’s the waking up part I hate. See, I have a problem falling asleep, insomnia. Probably because I lay there and worry about the dreams to come but most of all – Waking up. I never know how I am going to wake up and that fucking bothers me, because it’s usually some crappy ass way of waking up.

It’s a little better now that the winter is here, I’ve changed bedroom and sleep with my window closed. During the summer, I woke up SO many mornings/days/whatever by the sound of my fathers voice, outside my window, yelling at me for something. Another horrible way of waking up is his cursed knocking. Well, at least he knocks now, but does he have to do it so damn hard? When you’re waking up to it it feels like he is trying to pound his hand through the door.

Or I wake up from nightmares, soaked in sweat and my heartbeat up to 220 beats per second. Not a nice way to wake up, really. But the way of waking up I hate the most, is by pain. Like today. I have slept the incredible amount of 4 hours, and then I woke up with the worst heartburn EVER. felt like someone poured napalm inside my chest or set the whole fucking thing on fire. It took me half an hour to find some medication against it… I have to buy new one on Monday. Waking up, realizing you’re in major pain really really suck. Big time. No wonder I have trouble freaking sleeping.

Good time I have friends in the US that’s awake in the early morning hours here in Norway. So I had someone to whine to and someone who kept me company for at least a couple of hours.

It’s kind of annoying sometimes, but although rather pleasant waking up to my fathers loud-as-hell music upstairs. Waking up to some bad botleg of Ozzy Osbourne is really not a bad way to wake up, or when he had his TNT period and I woke up to their DVD playing. That’s a good way to wake up, although some might consider it annoying.

Anyway. 4 hours is not enough, I’ve managed to get rid of the worst of this heartburn, only took me 3 hours, so now I’ll try to get a couple of more hours of sleep… ONE night of sleep, without waking up all the time, without taking any medication, would be really nice. I want one of those nights for my birthday. kthanxalotspankyouverymuch!

I wonder how I will wake up this time.


~ by Methras on 20 January 2007.

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