Another Challenge!

I have been challenged by Fiona.
This is what I have to do:

1. Go to where you store your pictures
2. Choose the 6:th folder
3. Find the 6:th picture
4. Post the picture and write about it.
5. Challenge 6 other bloggers, link to their blog and notify them that they have been challenged!

So, here is my picture (I hope it is decent…)

I guess thats the punishment I get for never deleting pictures, no matter how bad they are. Oh well.
This picture is of me back in 2005. Actually, 24/5-2005 to be exact. I had a friend from Sweden visiting, Martin, and we had been in Oslo the entire day. When we got back, rather late, and I managed yet again to lock my keys inside the car. This picture was taken as we sat outside waiting for Falk (the rescue company) to come and unlock my car so we could get inside. We waited outside for about an hour or so, and Martin borrowed my camera and took pictures as we waited.

This picture is actually taken 1 am in the morning… So thats why I look so miserable. Hehehe…
And now I get to challenge other people! Yay! So, let’s see… I’m going to pict people from blogs I am following, even though they might not know who I am!

1. Liselys
2. Blacklips
3. Kim Skoglund
4. Monophobia
5. Toroborgen
6. MrBjoern

There you go! I hope all of you choose to atleast respond to the challenge, even if you don’t pass it along!
I will write more later, the connection is obscenely slow so I am afraid to loose my post.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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