I recieved a challenge from Irlin’s blogg where she challenges people to write about one of their family members. I have never been afraid of a challenge so I started thinking about who to write about. After some careful consideration I decided to write about my sister! And I will spice it up with some truly horrible pictures of myself! So, here we go!

~*~ My sister, the best sister anyone could ever want! ~*~

Me and my sister are about the same age. She is one and a half year younger than me, and when we were younger that half year was VERY important! I could claim I was TWO years older than her, something she was very upset about. Like all other children, we argued a lot. And when we didn’t argue, we pretended that we argued. I remember when we were out playing and I had a friend there, we tried to run away from her, just because she wanted to play with us too. As we grew older, the arguing turned rather nasty sometimes. Children are so mean to each other, sometimes!

axel og kaisa 2

We looked rather innocent, didn’t we?

But we were always there for eachother and had that special bond only siblings have when they knoe each other inside out. That’s probably because we spent so much time together. When we moved to sweden to our father, we spent hours and hours together with the horses, doing the chores and going out riding together. I am not saying we were always friends, OH NO! She threw horsepoo on me, I threw icy water with horepoo on her, I pushed her into walls, we chased eachother with hay-forks or whatever they are called and argued a lot. But it we always knew we had each other there.

jeg og axel 05
We even look rather much alike, sometimes.

When I we went to school, I was always bullied a LOT. I never stood up for myself and took it all, both verbal and physical abuse from people who didn’t even know me. My sister on the other hand was a bully herself. Every school has a school bitch – That was my sister. The good thing though, is that she was the one bullying the bulliers. She picked on everyone who was nasty to other people, so suddenly some of them decided it was better to be friends with her and started treating me well. I have NO idea how many “sisters” I had when all her friends decided they were sisters. I heard “Hello, brother” from every direction when walking the halls.

Then she moved back to Norway to live with my mother, while I stayed in Sweden and our relationship got worse for a time. We didn’t see each other as much as we used to and lost way too much contact. It was a very difficult time for me, because the pleasant pause from the bullying was over, my father and stepmother only had 1 person to yell at so I received more shit at home than I used to and… yeah. Things got on a very rough path. My sister was very good at keeping in touch though, even though I had not called her for a while, she would always check in on me.


Cute picture, however nasty I look!

For the last years we have lived very close to each other and while I had a car we met rather often. Now that I have been ill, she has been nothing but supportive for me, spent a lot of time and energy to help me as much as she can, even though she has two children of her own! She is probably the one person in my life I know I can always rely on, that I can always call and she will be there within the hour. She is my tree in my personal storm, and because we know each other so well, we can always be 100% honest with each other. She is the first person I call when I have to decide something important. Basically, she is the best sister anyone could eve imagine! And I am truly blessed to have her in my life.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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