Crazy cat guy

I just realized all my posts here are more or less depressing so to even that out, I will try to make a post that is NOT depressing! Yay me! So I am going to rant about my cat for a while. Well, truth be told, he is not my cat yet but he might aswell be. When my sister had her second child a few months back she didn’t want to have her cats home in the beginning because she was afraid they might bother the baby too much so I looked after them for her. It turned out though that one of the cats didn’t really like it here and she tried to run away, so my sister took her home again. After all, she was not the one she was most worried about.

So I have her youngest cat here, a siamese cat called Ghost. And he is actually very adorable and the nicest and most friendly cat you can imagine. But he is also one of the most annoying cats you can imagine. He was the smallest one in the litter so my sister had to take extra care of him when he was young. I only have a very bad quality picture of him when he was at that age…

Ghost is the white cat, sleeping with his siblings.

So he grew very attached to people and now I must admit he is extremely demanding. If he doesnt get physical contact or attention in some other way, he will not stop yelling at you. Oh, I forgot to say, he doesn’t “mjau” like other cats. He got a much more distinct and loud “MEAOW!” that can drive you nuts after a couple of minutes. Especially since he is hitting puberty about now and his hormones are going crazy. So, when sitting in front of the computer, I have two choices.

1) Have the cat in my lap.
2) Have a cat doing everything he can to get my attention, including (but not limited to) scratching his claws everywhere, chewing on the computer cables, jumping up in my lap constantly, walking across the keyboard and hunting the arrow on the monitor.

As you can see, the choice is easy.
He is so pleased with himself.

It’s good now that I am only wearing a robe and it’s somewhat cold here, but when I am wearing clothes it can get very warm… He is like a small oven, really… Not to mention he is growing heavy. He is not the small kitten he used to be, he is starting to become a full-grown cat.

But I love him nonetheless.
It feels good to know that someone loves you, even if he is a cat.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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