Daily Activities

What have I been doing today? Good question! Actually, today I have been doing more than I usually do on a regular day. I decided when I woke up this morning that I would not allow myself to sit at home all day. Well, honestly that was mostly because I ran out of cigarettes and needed to get some more. I have been talking to a nice guy here in drammen for the last couple of days about this and that and he works in town. He is a blogger aswell, actually and calls himself “mrbjoern“. So I decided it would be a good thing for me to take the bus in to town, buy cigarettes and get back home.

Drammen town square today

So I went out, waited forever to get the bus, since it apparently is sunday today, and got into town. Well there I walked around the fountain you can barely see on the picture and gathered some courage and went into the store and said hello to the guy. Actually, first time I met him IRL.. Well, thats not true, he has been working several times I have been there before. I remember him well, because I thought he was seriously cute but decided he couldn’t be gay. I was wrong. Aaaanyhow, I went in and talked with him for a while inbetween the other customers who was in there, bought my cigarettes and left so I could get home on the same bus ticket.

I was rather pleased I had managed to do this without freaking out or getting any panics attacks, but of course while waiting for the bus this young man started staring at me. And of course my anxiety kicked in full-time and I thought I was going to have a massive heartattack. And just to make it even better, he was going on the same bus as me and sat a couple of rows behind me. It felt like his gaze was drilling a hole in my skull. Luckilly I don’t live that far from town, so I managed to sit still until I got to my stop and got of the bus.

Called the nurses and made them come with some sedatives to calm me down again and now I am sitting here after eating breakfast writing this. It really feels much better writing about things like this, because I get to vent it, get it out of my system so I dont have to think about it anymore.

But I did get a very expensive pack of cigarettes (83kr +26kr bus = 109kr) and some fresh air and got to talk to a very nice guy who made me laugh. Not the polite kind of laughter, but the real one, and thats quite a feat these days.
So I declare it a success.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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