I tried explaining to someone how I am doing these days… And I had to answer that I dont really know… Since starting on the new drugs, me sleep has been much better. Now I only have nightmares 2-3 days a week! Thats actually a rather huge difference for me, being used to having 2, maybe 3 nights without nightmares…

sleepless by meandermind
Falling asleep is hard, when your head is playing tricks on you.

So sleeping is better now… Although I still feel better if I have someone else sleeping next to me… The comfort that brings, can not be described. Other than that… I don’t know how I feel. Apathy… I feel nothing, really. It’s confusing not to feel anything… I am just so fucking exhausted. So damn tired of this shit. I feel completely drained. Like I have run out of emotions, or something. And again, I am quoting music. Well… Adding a youtube link thing.

The lyrics in this song captures the essence of my mood.But I am fighting it. I am trying to think positive, trying to be strong. But I am so tired. Soooo exhausted. So extremely… exhausted.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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