Gay Pride?

Time for my blog about gay guys.

“I am gay, and I am proud of being gay.”
You hear every second gay guy with a limp wrist speak these words with a fake smile. I disagree.

What is there to be proud about being gay anyhow? Yay! I am gay! I fall in love with people of the same gender as my self! I am SO proud of myself! Well… to be honest, if that is all that is needed to make someone proud, they have rather low standards.

Before I start the REAL rant here, I want to make clear this does NOT judge EVERY gay out there. Just so, so many of them. Gay guys comes with different views and so on like everyone else, however this is my own personal judgement of many of them.

Men are horny animals. That has been proven by many years of studies and research and they think about sex a lot more than women apparently. I have never been a woman so I can’t validate the statement, but it makes sense. If a guy fucks around and have had more than 100 partners, he is a stud. If a woman does the same, she is a whore. Why is it okay for guys, gay or straight, to fuck around while women are slutty if they do so? But that was just a sidetrack anyhow, not what I was intending to rant about. Men are horny and want to have sex more than women says the scientists. So it is just natural that gay guys fuck around a lot, since both guys are horny animals. But come ON!

I have been a member of some gay communities since I was 16, and I must say that I am disgusted. The number of just pure disgusting suggestions I have come across is just… I actually don’t find words for it. Who actually thinks “You want to meet me in this public bathroom and fuck?” is a good pick-up line? What happened to some kind of flirting, building up some kind of excitement before you jump into bed?

And no, I am not innocent myself. I have had sex-dates and I have had plenty of one-night stands. HOWEVER, they all started by talking with the person first, getting to know him just a little and you know, get comfortable before you jump into bed. Unless I was so drunk I can’t really remember any of it anyhow, but what you can’t remember didn’t happen! =0P

Don’t understand me wrong, I think sex is both healthy and fun for you. I think people should have sex, have fun and be happy. I am just SO sick of the gay-community thinking that every fucking thing has to be about sex. Seriously, are most gay guys THAT shallow? I don’t know how many people that I have found interesting that I have just replied “I have a boyfriend” or “Sorry, you are not my type.”…. What The Fuck? Why do they think I want to have sex with them or are interested in anything more than getting to know them?

Then we have the thing about appearance. I am fully aware that I am no more than average looking and I am overweight. However it seems that if you don’t look like a supermodel, are skinny or a body-builder, no one even want to talk to you within the gay-community. How cam someone be too ugly to be a friend? Yes, if it actually is extremely embarressing to be seen with that person, then I can understand it. I am not THAT ugly afterall. In my eyes, a friend is valued by his inside rather than his outside. As long as he is a good friend, I dont care what he looks like.

Another thing I have been annoyed about is that if you are gay, you are assumed to be interested in fashion, good with decoration and so on and so forth. The classical stereotypes, basically. If that actually IS your interests, thats fine. But don’t fucking think I am good with fashion just because I am gay. And if other gay guys change into that because they think they have to, I truly feel sorry for them.

So when people stand up and say “I am proud to be gay” I look at them as if they have done mad. I am gay and I am not ashamed that I fall in love with other men. However I am not proud to be gay either.
I am actually very ashamed that I have to be compared to that freak show.

I am proud to be me!


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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