Gossip Boys

Okay, this is something I have had on my mind for a while, so I am going to get the rant out once and for all. This post is about: Gossip! It seems some people don’t have enough things happening in their own life, so like leeches and parasites, they have to live their life through other people. It’s truly a sad thing, but I guess it’s their way of handling their own event less life or something.

I have several times experienced telling a friend something, then just 5 or 10 minutes getting a message from someone else asking be about it. I can not describe how annoying that can be. I mean, most of the times it has been innocent things that I don’t really care that they talk about, but occasionally it’s something that I want to tell myself or don’t want everyone to know… It’s just not anyone elses business.

Gossip by Kanikey
People just talk TOO much sometimes

I would assume girls are even worse some times, but some gay guys really have a problem keeping their breadbox shut. I don’t know if it is included in the gay-gene or something but some people are extreme. And this applies to rumors as well. And some of them seem to think that all rumors GOT to be true! I lived with a friend of mine who was gay as well, and everyone instantly thought we were boyfriends. And just because it seemed logical, everyone just assumed it was the truth and whispered about it. Then me and one of my best friends worked together, and the rumor got out that since we were both gay and spent 8-10 hours in the same office, of course we had to be lovers. And the whispering continued.

I live in a somewhat small town. Well, it’s not THAT small, but compared to other cities around the world, it’s small. And the “gay community” is VERY small. So things spread like fire in dry grass, once someone lights the spark. One egg becomes an omelet and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

One prime example is the HIV rumors that has been circling. Many guys here in Drammen received a letter that they had to go and get tested, because one of their sex-partners had been diagnosed with HIV… So the speculations started, who was the source and the reason why they had to get tested. I mean, it’s really ironic that they could not figure out who it was, to be honest… I mean, how many guys had they all had sex with? This proves my point about gay guys being horny animals feeding the stereotypical image many people have about gay guys.

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil
Sometimes it’s better to just ignore it.

Me, on the other side, has been accused from everything from having HIV myself to being prude to being unable to get an erection, just because I have had sex with so few people here in Drammen. What right do they have to gossip about my sex life anyhow? What I choose to do, or not to do, is entirely up to me, isn’t it? Especially what happens in MY bedroom.

I actually feel sorry for the people who feel the need to talk about other people all the time. What happened to talking about yourself? Your own experiences, instead of people around you? I will never be able to stop people gossiping about me, so no matter how little I like it, it has to be their choice. I will just laugh and shake my head.

Of course, I can not claim to be a saint. I talk about other people too, occasionally. Sometimes you speak before you think, and I think everyone does this. The main difference is that I never say anything about other people that I will not tell them to their face, or already have. At least I still have balls enough to stand up for my opinions.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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