Not Dead

Ohhkay! Time for a very short blogpost!
I have received numerous SMS’es and so on about “Where are you?” and “Are you still alive?”.
Thats very kind of you to care, but just because I am not online for a week doesnt mean that I have died or anything. The reason why I don’t answer is simple, My pre-payed card is kind of out of money. Gives me a bit of a trouble when I want to call my nurses, but hey… I’ll survive. They will just have to come back after they have been here the first time if I feel like need something.

I have been busy playing a new game, and I have decided to write a game review on that game later on. Basically I have decided to add reviews to my blog as well as other things, basically to entertain myself a little and do something somewhat producitve now and then.

And when I logged on to my bank account to pay my rent, I realized that the sneaky bastards had lined themself up to get money from my account when it was received, so not only my weekly “salary” is gone, but also a good portion of my rent money. That sucks, big times.

Anyhow, I will write more later, I am of to do some shopping… With the rest of my rent money.
Yes, I know… I am stupid. But it’s getting cold and I need more… Erhm… Whatever you call it… Propane? Whatever… I need more stuff to get some heat, anyhow!

And if I dont pay my internet bill I will be without internet, and then my last contact with the outside world is removed, so I really can’t have that.

I’ll write more later.


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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