Wierd Times

My mood has brightened a little, and that feels awesomeness. I hope this is a sign of things going in the right direction. Or something. Right now I have a friend visiting. He is downstairs on the sofa pretending / trying to sleep. He does that a lot, but we went to bed early yesterday so he will not be allowed to sleep much more… *Evil grin*

We went to the store and bought a bottle of “Julebrus” the other day and his bottle really tasted… interesting. It almost tasted moldy, however when we checked his and my bottle of julebrus had the same “code” showing it had been produced more or less at the same time.


Julebrus is nom nom!

Other than that the freaking nurses forced me to take my sleeping pills way to early the day before yesterday, and since I had a friend over I thought “Okay, I will force myself to stay awake for as long as possible…” and that was a bad idea. I forced myself until the effect of the pill was over, but it was apparently a very interesting night according to my friend. I remember most of it, but it’s a little… blurry.

We were, amongst other things, talking about him moving in here. It’s a very small apartment, but I could use the economical relief and I enjoy his company, so I am seriously considering it… It’s a safety for myself as well knowing someone is here to prevent me from doing anything stupid… So we’ll see what happens.

Now I can hear some sounds downstairs, so I am going to call his bluff and throw the cat at him.
Ohh! By the way… I have NO idea how to embed youtube videos into the blog… Anyone knows? In that case PLEASE comment and tell me how to do it so I can start bloging about my music obsessions!


~ by Methras on 4 March 2010.

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