Karma Wrath

Sometimes I am convinced the universe has a grudge toward me. Seriously! February has really been a constant bitch-slapping without an end to it. If I have had bad luck or just a pissy month – who knows. But it has been so many small things lately that has gone wrong, so many “accidents” and strokes of bad luck. It is really testing my patience now. The last two days has been just too much. Not to mention that I have been in a seriously pissy mood, really edgy. The smallest things has made me snap at people who doesn’t deserve it.

Take the two last days as an example.
I have been in Sweden for a week visiting my little brother and my ex-stepmother and when I left on Friday I had to go by bus for 6 hours to get home. The bus was crowded to the very limit, of course, and I had to sit next to a foreigner that smelled really bad and there was no air on the bus. Well, that’s not really anything to whine about, but the fact that AGAIN I had to endure people eating their fucking oranges made everything so much worse. After 6 hours with itchy eyes, itchy nose and an itchy throat I arrived in Oslo.

And I was stopped by the custom. I didn’t even wear my leather jacket! They asked me for ID and I had to dig down in my bags to find my wallet and then they saw my bottles of detox-thingy I had gotten from my stepmother. Apparently it is illegal to have any form of seed with you, even when it is grinded to a powder. But I know how to argue (thanks to my father, I assume) and managed to talk my way out of the seriously awkward situation.

After all that talking, and 6 hours on a bus, I was extremely thirsty, so I went into a kiosk to buy myself a bottle of soda. Me and my 3 bags managed to get to the fridge and to the counter without any accidents and I payed for my soda. But of course, I managed to drop it on the floor so it got all shaken. So I went back to the fridge, put the shaken soda in at the very back and took a new one. I left the kiosk and started making my way to my train back to Drammen when someone pulled the soda out of my hand. Extremely annoyed I turned around to find one of the people from the kiosk standing there and he started accusing me of shoplifting. Out of nowhere two steroid-filled securitas guards came and took me by the shoulder’s and I told them I had payed for my soda and that they could ask the woman behind the counter if they didn’t believe me. So me and my 3 bags got escorted back into the kiosk by the two guards and the woman confirmed that I had indeed payed for the soda. Without a word of apology they more or less shoved me out of the kiosk (might have been because I filled the entire kiosk with my bags and so on but still) and I went stressed out and angry as hell back to the platform and called my sister to vent about my bad luck.

Of course when the train arrived, I managed to forget my fucking soda on the platform, unopened, so I was stuck on the train for 45 minutes without anything to drink. Just my freaking luck! Yes, that was my fault, but I were so stressed out and in so much anxiety that I more or less ran on the train without looking properly where all my things had been.

Then yesterday me and my sister had a road-trip to check an apartment she wanted and my stomach started acting up really badly. Again, my own fault because I am on the detox-program and had completely forgotten to eat anything and the detox stuff was all it had to work with. The result was almost like stomach-cramps that hurt like fucking hell. What do you think happen next? Yepp. Car problems. We were stranded for 3 1/2 HOURS in the snow and after 30 minutes the car started getting really cold. The car had problems with water in the gas and refused to go anymore. We called for assistance immediately, but eventually a friend of mine came with a can of gas to add to the water in the tank so we could get to a gas-station. I could have lived with the waiting and the cold and so on but the major problem, for me, was the fact that my stomach hurt like HELL and I REALLY had to go to the bathroom. And after 3 1/2 hour I had not exactly gotten any better, to say the least.

And after spending all my battery trying to get some help in the car, I realized when I got back home I had forgotten the charger to my cellphone in Sweden, so I have to get a new one.

So many small things, all the fucking time. And I haven’t even complained about the treats by a Turkish guy, broken all my cigarettes while playing with my brother, loosing my cigarettes when I fell in the snow, falling down the stairs, creditors calling me at every fucking hour… The list goes on and on and on.

So universe / Karma gods! Give me a fucking break! I am getting fed up with this. If you want something from me, write me a letter with your demands. I am tired of guessing.

If not, leave me be!


~ by Methras on 5 March 2010.

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