Smell of Terror

So, it is time I start another rant. This time I wish to talk about air pollution. Nope, I am not going to start a deep discussion about freons and carbon-dioxide. There are already so many other people screaming about this.

What I am talking about is smells. Try to visualise the following scenario: You are on a bus and it’s starting to get rather crowded. Just as you think you are safe, this old woman comes and asks if she can sit next to you. I have never understood people asking “may I sit here?” What are you going to answer? No? of course you have to say yes. Anyhow, she sits down and it’s like all the air around you just disappears. Her perfume is so strong the air feels thick to breathe. It’s like she got her own atmosphere of cheap perfume.

“Perfume” by WedbesdayEgo

Perfume can be a very pleasant smell
if you know how little to use,

Ever experienced something like this? I though as much. Now, people like that should not take the bus, they should get transportation as toxic waste. People complain to me sometimes thst I pollute the air by smoking cigarettes. Yes, I admit smoking is a bad habit, I admit that it does smell bad. I can only assume that I always smell like an old ashtray myself, even though I like to think I don’t. But there is a big difference between smelling like cigarettes and poison everyone around you when you walk down the street.

I said this would not be about carbon-dioxide and stuff like that, but when we are on the subject of smoking… A couple of years ago this big amusement park outside Oslo decided to be the first smoke-free amusement park. Their reason was that it’s a place for children and children should not be exposed to nicotine. First of all I just have to point out that the amount of smoke they actually breathe (assuming no one blows the smoke into their faces) is very small, especially considering that smoke goes upwards and most smokers are more than 1.10 tall.Second of aall, the fucking park is right next to a freaking highway. I dare to bet that the fumes they breathe from the cars passing by is way more dangerous than the cigarettes. Aaaanyhow. Back to air pollution.

“When Oranges Go Bad” by Dr8co1

The fruit of pure evil, made to
make my life miserable. It’s personal.

The second thing I have to rant about is oranges. This world has a wide range of delicious fruit. When travelling a fruit is a nice way of getting some healthy food in your body, What I don’t understand is the choice of fruit. Why the fuck must people insist of eating fucking oranges on public transport? Do they not realise that not everyone on that bus appreciate the stench og Oranges? Do I light a cigarette on the bbus because I feel like it? Nope. I don’t. I wait until I can get OUT of the bus to have one out of consideration of the other people on the bus (and of course because I do not want to get thrown of) but people, often that fucking lady with her own atmosphere, insist of eating that devil-fruit on the bus.

The reason why I am so mad about this is because I am one of those allergic to the stuff in the orange peel.My eye itches, my nose itches, my throat itches and I get furious. I have the same reactions to some perfumes but so many people don’t take this into consideration when they decide to take a bath in their own perfume.Annoyingly enough, Stuff like that can, and will, ruin my day completely.

Next time I get a lady drenched in perfume eating orange next to me, I will light a cigarette and blow the smoke into her face.


~ by Methras on 5 March 2010.

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