Typing Frenzy

Hello everyone ūüôā

I have spent the last days blogging like a god. Well, both blogging and writing about one of my blog posts that seems to have hit a very sore nerve. To be honest I am getting rather tired of discussing that and I know some people who read this blog disagree with me and will only get annoyed if I try to discuss the matter further. So I am dropping it.

Anyhow, my other¬†Norwegian blog has been kind a of a hit thanks to some different thinking and putting it out on the right places. It’s actually quite fun to see numbers like “650 readers” and so on. Thank god that this blog doesn’t¬†have that many readers, otherwise I would have had to be more careful about what I write and that would completely ruin the whole point of this blog.

The last few days has been rather good, even though I have had some very disturbing dreams about a guy I went to school with. I kind of stumbled across his facebook¬†profile and immediately¬†when I saw his profile picture I got a massive anxiety attack, my stomach went into a knot and I felt like I would throw up. I guess you don’t have to be an expert to figure out that he was one of the worst bullies in my class and that my mind hasn’t quite¬†gotten over that part yet. And now he is haunting my dreams too. Merde

Other than that I have been in a good mood lately, traded in a game I bought for another game, Heavy Rain. That is not as much of a game as it is an interactive movie and every action, every choice you make while playing affects the outcome and the ending of the game. So I guess I will ave to play it though several times to see if I can unlock different endings of the game.

It’s really wierd how a game can capture you and make time pass like nothing else.


~ by Methras on 7 March 2010.

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