Sleepless night

Sometimes I wish that I still had my pills at home, even though I know it is good that I don’t. I couldn’t really sleep tonight. When I lay down to sleep thoughts started spinning around in my head as usual and kept me awake. I was so tired yesterday and yet I could not manage to fall asleep properly. I mean, I must have slept a little but it was only short periods at a time and I am still exhausted. Typical!

I don’t understand why sleep is such a problem for me. I wish sometimes that I could just… I don’t know, fall in a coma for a day or something and wake up 100% refreshed.

I am really looking forward to moving! I love changing my environment and sometimes I am wondering if I have gypsy blood in my veins. I have always moved a lot but this time I have stayed in one place for almost 4 years, and that’s almost a record for me. Moving to Fredrikstad will be exciting. Living so close to my sister and her kids, getting a brand new city to explore and so on.

I really love to being a tourist in “your new town”, getting to know the place you are going to live and discover new things every day. Of course that is just in the beginning but still, it is something to look forward to! I am going to start packing and sorting out what I am going to bring with me soon. I am going to throw away so much stuff! I have so much junk I never use… And finally I get somewhere to store the things I don’t want to part with and still don’t want in my house. That is going to be a welcome change!


~ by Methras on 15 March 2010.

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