Roadtrips + kids = long roadtrip

huset Yesterday me and my sister and her two kids went for a roadtrip to see my apartment and go through the contracts with the new landlord. We wanted to have plenty of time as two kids require more stops and so on, and it didn’t help that one of them was sick either. In all fairness I guess both of them behaved very well. But I’m not used to driving with kids in the car so for me it would have been exhausting even if I had not noticed them at all.


After a trip to Sweden we went to see the other apartment in the house we are renting, the apartment I am getting! And it was really nice there! I fell in love immediately and I know I will really like it there! He is renting it out furnished, so I get some new furniture to use for as long as I rent there, something that was VERY welcome. Finally I can throw away some of my really ugly stuff! So now it feels more “real” and that’s a very nice feeling. I AM moving, and I’m moving rather soon! Yey!


~ by Methras on 17 March 2010.

2 Responses to “Roadtrips + kids = long roadtrip”

  1. Er det bildet fra leiligheten? Ser kjempefint ut 🙂 Har du sjekket om toalettet fungerer ordentlig? 😉

    • Ja, det er bilder fra dit jeg skal flytte! Nei, har ikke sjekket det… Men jeg håper virkelig det gjør det! Hehehe

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