Top 10 annoying things right now!

So, in stead of writing a long, probably boring, article about nothing and everything I decided to write a top 10 list of things that is annoying me right now! Yay for lists ;0) So here goes, in no particular order:

1. Sharing internet with 20 other neighbors.
2. People knocking on my door every time they have a computer related problem.
3. Headaches.
4. My cellphone being stupid! (I am getting a new one though!)
5. Online Casinos making it stupidly hard to withdraw money
6. My cat having an identity crisis and believing he is a monkey.
7. Voddler stopped being avaible in Norway. 
8. Bad catlitter & the smell of cat-pee.
9. Drowsiness
10. My hot water taking 10 minutes to get warm in the kitchen & extremely low pressure.

So, there we go!
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.


~ by Methras on 20 March 2010.

4 Responses to “Top 10 annoying things right now!”

  1. hi hi hi…

  2. 1. Guess it’s kinda better then having no internet?
    2. A shotgun takes care of that problem
    3. amputate.
    4. Throw it away and use the one i left at your place?
    5. Try doing it the correct way.
    6. I miss Ghost…
    7. How the fudge did you get voddler? If you got a invite or know how i can get one, do tell.
    8. Don’t complain, ever tried to sleep with your nose inside someone’s ass?
    9. start/stop drinking.
    10. think about how great it’s gonna be when you move:D

    I love you sweetie:)

  3. bwahahaha your life is a fail

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