Even more exhausted…

If I thought I was exhausted in march, that was nothing compared to what I am right now. This last week has been intense to say the least. I have packed all my things, moved all of it to my father’s place and cleaned down the entire apartment. Of course I had some help but still… Now I am both physically AND mentally exhausted. But I am excited as well. I REALLY look forward to moving now, getting settled in the new place and allow myself to really relax. And MAN am I going to relax!

I am returning the key to my old apartment tomorrow, so then I am officially homeless for a couple of weeks. Then “My” part is done and I am free to help my sister out. She really needs all assistance she can get considering she is trying to prepare for the move while taking care of 2 children AND her cat has gone mental or something… Out of the blue sky she has started using the beds as her litter box. I think I’ll think again before I complain about Ghost being annoying… Hehehe….

I will get better at blogging once I get my hands on a more stable internet connection… But right now I am too tired and just too much going on to be able to keep it as updated as I’d like… But hey! No one is perfect, right?

I’ll leave you with a video most of you has probably seen, but for those that has not… Enjoy! I am really impressed with the choreography in this one.. Please watch it all, because it only gets better! Sooo.. Enjoy and good night.


~ by Methras on 21 April 2010.

2 Responses to “Even more exhausted…”

  1. jeg fikk ikke linken til å virke 😦

  2. …det der var en de beste videone jeg noensinne har sett XD

    Håper du får slappet av snart, Axel *kos*

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