17:th of May

Okay, my last post was a lot shorter than I intended it to be because I suddenly got very tired. So! Here we go again…

Today it’s 17:th of May! For those of you that is not Norwegian, it’s the day we celebrate the Norwegian independence. It’s maybe the most celebrated day in Norway. So I went down to Fredrikstad to watch the parade and so on. I really enjoyed it, even though it was LOADS of people outside but everyone was smiling and having a nice time, so it didn’t bother me much. I think I took a picture as well… Somewhere…. There we go! Later we’re going to barbecue and just relax.

Much has happened since I wrote last time. First of all I have moved to Fredrikstad! Finally! It was not without some issues though. Well, actually the issues arrived when my sister was moving.  Moving van that broke down, cat shitting himself in the car and so on. When we finally got here I had major problems with NAV (Social services kind of thing). They suddenly decided that my rent was too high and refuse to cover it. Luckily I have managed to solve the problem on my own so I have payed for May and got enough money to cover June.

And that leads to the last new thing. Since NAV is acting like cunts I have decided to get a job. After a couple of days applying here and there I got a job in Tele2 as a customer service handler. It’s basically the same job I had when I worked in Telenor so I have experience in that kind of work. It’s a summer temp job but if I do a good job he said the chances of continuing was great.  I will still look around for other jobs though, I can’t assume that I can continue after the summer.

Sometimes I wonder if I am followed my a cloud of bad luck. Sometimes it seems like everything I touch just… Breaks. Like the other day we were in Fredrikstad and on our way home something broke on the car. It turn out to be the suspension that had snapped. I guess it was rusty and so on but still… My computer is wierd too. Some days I can’t do anything because the computer just freezes and I get bluescreens and so on, only to work perfectly the next day.

People around me get fucked up as well. Sometimes I feel like a walking plague. I know it’s not logical and it is probably just a lot of unlucky coinsidences but I can’t help thinking like that sometimes.

And then the sad part. Yesterday, the 16:th of May, a true rock ledgend died. Ronnie James Dio last the battle against cancer and left this world. The little man with the huge voice has been one my favourite artists for many years now and the news that he had died was both shocking and devastating. I find myself in loss of words when trying to explain how I feel about it or describing him as an artist, so I am just going to conclude that it’s a sad day indeed.

I have seen Dio perform live many times and he was an amazing artist. Rest in peace dear Dio, your music will continue to live on for a long time.

Sooo… Yeah.
Write to you later ;0)


~ by Methras on 17 May 2010.

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