Depression Madness

So. It’s a fact. I’m depressed. Again.
Why? You tell me! I have absolutely no idea. I just had a wonderful week in Egypt doing something I liked. I was diving and enjoying the sun, getting plenty of fresh air. My economy is better than it has been in a long time, I am actually beginning to see a glimmer in the end of the tunnel. I like my job and I am doing it rather well. My social life is just fine. I don’t have one single reason and yet the anxiety is sneaking up on me and my mood is decreasing rapidly. And I’m even taking my meds.

I don’t have a reason and I should feel even better than before. But I’m not.
It started a week before I went to Egypt but I was kindly distracted by a 24h virus so I was puking my guts out. While in Egypt I didn’t spend much time thinking and all the activities was distracting me from my own mind. Sometimes I caught myself glooming and did my best to “shake it of”.

I hope the depression doesn’t last for long this time. I have an appointment with a new shrink tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s in the middle of my workday but hey… Who gives out doctor appointments at 6.15 pm anyhow? I’ve never seen that before. Oh well.

I guess I’ll just continue as I’ve done before. Taking each day as it comes and try not to get caught in my own mind traps.


~ by Methras on 20 September 2010.

3 Responses to “Depression Madness”

  1. Eat vitamin D. You might be suffering from SAD as well… and it’s getting darker outside! >_<

    Now, pictures of your Egypt trip? Show me show me show me! 🙂


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