Alright. I am trying this again and I have no idea why, really. Why do I feel the need to write this when I can’t get anything else done? Basically I think this is more for venting my own emotions rather than entertaining anyone else. So be warned and be prepared. This is my innermost and darkest thoughts, my deepest secrets coming out in words. I will provoke people, I will hurt people and I will most likely be both silly, pathetic and just plain sad. Just remember that what is being written, is my mood and thoughts at that very moment. Usually, those thoughts and my mood changes dramatically from day to day, so don’t read TOO much into it.

I am trying to this as much for therapeutic reasons as anything else. By writing down my thoughts, my feelings and my actions, I keep a record of it. I will be able to read back and perhaps view things differently. I will force myself to think about how I think, how I act and what is going on. I am honest, brutally honest here, as this is for me more than anything else.

Now, people will probably think of me as a Drama Queen. Self-pitying or screaming for attention. And maybe that is the truth. I do not know. The only thing I know is that I have to get things out, otherwise I will explode… or implode. I have to vent it somehow before I actually go crazy and do something I will regret for the rest of my life.

So, by reading this, you are accepting to step into a dark place, into my mind. Not everything in there is pretty, just as not everything is bad. I am hoping that this, some day, might be used as memoirs for myself to be able to write a book or something else that can help other people. I hope to provoke thoughts, and most of all; understanding.

Hope you will have a nice reading and if you do not like what you read, there is a cross up in the corner for you to use.


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